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Butyl Sealants

Butyl Sealants

Stock Code : 9 x 3
Butyl Strips, Lap Tapes, Polyband, Beads (Sold As Individual Rolls)
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Butyl Sealents 


GCA is a High Perfromance Butyl Sealing Compund

9mm x 3mm x 15 meter / 6mm x 5mm x 15 metre / 4mm, 6mm, 8mm Bead 

50mm x 3mm x 15 meter Rolls / 50mm x 6mm x 5 metre Rolls 

(Please See Table Below for Further Information)


Metal Coated Profiles, Aluminimum and Fibre Cemement


Flexible and Strong to Accomodate for Movement 

Standard Colour: Grey 

Sealent Strips

Width x Thickness  x  Length

Box QuantityApplication
 9mm x 3mm x 15mtr24Side Lap Joints
9mm x 1.5mm x 30mtr24 Side Lap Joints 
6mm x 5mm x 9.6mtr30Side Lap Joints 
50mm x 3mm x 15mtr6Gutter Tape 
50mm x 6mm x 5mtrGutter Tape 
4mm x 12mtr30End Laps 
6mm x 8mtr24End Laps
8mm x 6mtr20End Laps




Butyl Tape Laminated with a Fixed Polyester Liner

50mm x 1mm x 35 Meter Rolls 


Liner Trays / Sheets


Good Adhesion to Coated Steel and Aluminium Sheets Without the Need for Primers 

High Strength Non-Tear Laminated Film  


Cartridge Butyl Sealants 


Permanent Plastic, One-Component Polyband Sealant 


Sealing of Cladding where a Thin Joint is Needed, E.G Flashings or Joints

Use on Porous and Non-Porous Sufaces E.G Metal, Wood or Stone


Forms an Elastic, Tight Skin

Standard Colour: Grey 

UV-Light and Weather Resistant

Items Sold and Priced Per Roll

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